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Download Master The Classics Daisy music mp3

The Daisy is one of the oldest cocktails and is one of what I call a root cocktail That is a cocktail that gave birth to many many variations The Daisy was created in the 1860 s and is the first time that a cocktail was sweetened with Curacao instead of sugar (or simple syrup) The earliest published recipe was in Jerry Thomas Bon Vivant s Guide and we will probably never know whether to not he actually created it I included this cocktail as it is an important one, it gave birth to some very famous variations and for those of you who like cocktails that are drier and on the less sweet tip, you ll enjoy this drink It is admittedly one of my very favorites A couple of Notes A I say that Jerry Thomas was a famous cocktail and of course he is a person and not a drink HA HA He is one of the most famous cocktailians, maybe thats what I was trying to say I also am aware that there is a strange cut in the 51st second but i think it s a too small a mistake to bother fixing Also I say that this is an "Unstable Cocktail" and I say this because it is a cocktail served in a glass with no ice so as soon as you serve it, it begins to get warm So drink up! here s a link to the tools I use in the episode Set of Cocktail Tins s amzn to 2LlXGnq Cocktail Strainer s amzn to 2LPM74e Graduated Jigger s amzn to 2uOBWqd Hawthorne Strainer s amzn to 2LONn7C or another one I use which is better but a little more pricey is here s amzn to 2LDQfY9 Hand Citrus Juicer (not shown in episode) s amzn to 2mHQ2oJ ok Here s the Specs 1 5oz Gin 75 Orange Curacao 75 Lemon Juice 2 bar spoons cold soda water Lemon Twist Coupe Nick and


Download Investigating The Strange Case Of Daisy Brown Inside A Mind music mp3

Today, We re Investigating the strange case of Daisy Brown A story surrounded by mystery for the past several months And in these next couple of videos, we re going to dive deep into the lore of Daisy Brown and see if we can figure out what s going on with Daisy Brown and her pet monster, Alan Daisy Brown began on Twitter, claiming to have a pet creature named, Alan As videos started to slowly appear on the Daisy Brown YouTube channel We started to realise not all is what it seems The mysterious web series has come to a close and a month after it ended, I ve decided to do a huge recap on the whole thing and give you my interpretation of the web series based on what we can find ENJOY! You can support me on Patreon here s www patreon com insideamind Social Media Twitter s twitter com InsideAMindYT Discord s discord gg vXfJRsD Thank you all for watching! Stay Safe! And Don t Pull A Pickard! I hope you guys enjoy this Daisy Brown Analysis! I ve split the whole video into a couple of parts just to spread out the content a little more There s usually big gaps inbetween uploads and I hope this can help a little but braking up the content a little This Daisy Brown video goes on for a whole 50 minutes Nevertheless I hope you all enjoy and don t forget to check out the Daisy Brown channel and twitter! CREDITS Daisy Brown YouTube channel s www youtube com channel UCDuzk8o9OnYDc8P9YE1GlUw Daisy Brown Twitter s twitter com daisybrownreal?lang en Alan Resnick s www youtube com user tenrobots This House Has People In It s www youtube com watch?v x-pj8OtyO2I This House Has People In It Explained (Night Mind) s youtu be mjBTAnCUbZc Alantutorial s www youtube com user alantutorial *MUSIC * REQUIEM s www audiomicro com calm-slow-movie-requiem-royalty-free-stock-music-1208459 s www audiomicro com drama-horror-sci-fi-scary-mystery-thing-full-mix-royalty-free-stock-music-1230581 BOOM DROPS s www audiomicro com airy-ambient-atmospheric-boom-drops-nodrm-royalty-free-stock-music-1208983 s www audiomicro com anxious-cabaret-creepy-guy-full-mix-royalty-free-stock-music-1237259 MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE ACOUSTIC s www audiomicro com traditional-patriotic-americana-my-country-tis-of-thee-acoustic-full-mix-royalty-free-stock-music-1228394 s www audiomicro com brooding-creepy-dangerous-after-dark-full-mix-royalty-free-stock-music-1208756 TENDERNESS s www audiomicro com gentle-love-moving-tenderness-royalty-free-stock-music-1245389 s www audiomicro com creepy-dark-ominous-full-mix-royalty-free-stock-music-12


Download How To Make The Daisy de Santiago music mp3

Today we ll teach you how to make the daisy de santiago cocktail recipe This is a pretty easy rum cocktail recipe for those that love rum with an herbal nuance Home Bartender Starter Kit bit ly 2DTOJcN Learn more at learn awesomedrinks com The Daisy de Santiago is a variation of rum cocktails, probably not too unlike the daiquiri Following pretty close to that of a 2 1 1 cocktail formula, so if you ve been following along with our other videos this one will make some sense to you Checkout our video on the 2 1 1 ratio s youtu be LP2f5EKnk3g This cocktail recipe is flavorful, unique and just something a bit different from your standard daiquiri Try a Daisy de Santiago and see for yourself just get yourself a bottle of chartreause The Daisy de Santiago - 2 oz Light rum - 1 4 oz Yellow Chartreuse - 1 oz Fresh lime juice - 1 2 oz Simple syrup - Mint Spring Garnish #rum #cocktails #recipes #drinks #chartreuse ------ Support CMC patreon com cmc Checkout our recipe E-Books homecocktailmenu com ABOUT Common Man Cocktails (CMC) Common Man Cocktails, inspired by Derrick Schommer s intimidation when opening a cocktail book, is designed to show viewers how to create some of the most common cocktails to advanced crazy cocktails and to look back at the classics of yesterday Derrick has learned as he goes and has been actively creating five recipes a week on the channel for over six years, lots of content to keep you entertained for hours! CMC will teach you how to make some great cocktail designs, give you ideas for new cocktails and introduce you to the latest spirits, liqueurs, syrups, barware and bitters If you re looking to become a cocktail enthusiast or need new ideas for your bartending trade, CMC is a great place to start Subscribe to CMC Now bit ly NKFUkE Newsletter everydaydrinkers com newsletter For hundreds of recipes everydaydrinkers com For barware, syrups and cocktail accessories awesomedrinks com Produced by TrollSpank Studios, LLC trollspank com Drink Respons


Download KISS Live At The Daisy 1973 (Upgrade) music mp3

This is one of the earliest possible audio recording of a KISS concert! This is KISS as raw as you could get! Until now only Acrobat was available from the show, but the full show, 2 sets, appeared in the bootleg scene in the end of the 2013! The show is a bit different from what a KISS show eventually would become a year later What is most prominent is Gene completely overdoing it in some songs, he probably was just too exited to play Peter introduces 1 2 songs, doing what i think better than Paul did over the years, especially Peter screaming "Let s take this place down!" when they go into "Firehouse" Gene also introduces a song but uses that mostly to promote so people can get on their mailing list But what has to be the most special about this gig is that they played a song from their Wicked Days, Simple Type, even though Gene was a bit too exited in his vocal parts Also interesting is the band doing a very early KISS song that pretty much got dropped forgotten completely (KISS played it by request on KISS Kruise II in 2012!) called "Life In The Woods", even fans were allowed to sing along on the stage as you can hear! Set two only holds a few songs and is in poorer quality All the songs have been upgraded, a more clearer crisp sound, the most of the prominent hizzing noise has been removed as well and a small amount of bass has been added *The pictures used in the video are not from the Daisy June gig but from the Daisy gig in April of 1973! At that show, pretty much nobody showed up * Location Amityville, NY Venue The Daisy No Opening Act Promoter In-house Attendance Unknown Setlist 1 Nothin To Lose 2 Firehouse 3 Life In The Woods 4 Simple Type 5 Acrobat 6 Deuce 7 100,000 Years 8 Black Diamond Set 2 1 Strutter 2 Watchin You 3 Let Me Know (rest is not avail


Download Pond Daisy (Official Video) music mp3

‘Daisy’ is the new song from POND Listen here s lnk to Pond-ListenID Taken from the upcoming album Tasmania out 1st March on Spinning Top, Marathon Artists, Caroline & Interscope Pre-order now s pond lnk to Tasmania www pondband net — Follow s lnk to POND-FollowID — Credits Director Jesse Taylor Smith Second Unit Samuel Kristofski Ariel Cinematography Joseph Ryan VFX Supervisor Samuel Mapplebeck — Lyrics It’s spring and the cherry blossoms sprout The legs are out, and the bronzed chests, and fires bejewelling the south west Thank you, darling, for these silver gelatine echoes of me, with you Smiling like he has to for the cause, for the tribe, for the boys, for the lie Nobody heard me crying in my sleep Me and the men of the frontier stack the bodies in a heap Jimmy grabs a beer and we wash our hands in the creek Ooh, talk is cheap Frangipanis growing back home Shading the bottlo line Once we were dreaming of pearls Now me and my sons all dream of iron  Daisy, baby, are you driving home? Coz this baby doesn’t want to walk alone She said ‘ooh’ as she grabbed my tongue  Sometimes you gotta rock the cradle, baby, on your own is that boogoo with the big chain Is that Annie with the white dress? Is that granny with the white man With the no name and the no stress? What about the empire? What about the cross? What about the halos? are the angels inside with the Xbox? That’s a dollar for any can And on Thursdays I’ll be heading back to see my man Did seeing real blood remind you that I had a heart That was the last kiss, that was a real one When I see you next year I’ll be perfect I’ll be perfect for you babe vevo ly 0Tv35a #Pond #Daisy


Download Explaining The Strange Case Of Daisy Brown Inside A Mind music mp3

This is the next step in our story to explain the strange case of Daisy Brown You ll need to have seen my first video in this little mini-series called "Investigating The Strange Case Of Daisy Brown" to understand the mysterious goings-on during this video I m thrilled you ve enjoyed my analysis on Daisy Brown so far, and I hope you all enjoy this one too! There s a lot to cover! Don t forget to check out the Daisy Brown channel as well as there are tonnes of extra things over there that I didn t discuss during this video! If you want to create your own thoughts theories interpretations of the Daisy Brown story then I highly recommend you do so and binge watch all her videos! You can support me on Patreon here s www patreon com insideamind Social Media Twitter s twitter com InsideAMindYT Discord s discord gg vXfJRsD Thank you all for watching! Stay Safe! And Don t Pull A Pickard! CREDITS Daisy Brown channel s www youtube com channel UCDuzk8o9OnYDc8P9YE1GlUw Daisy Brown Twitter s twitter com daisybrownreal *Voices for Daisy Browns Father By TheLooneyTurtle* s www youtube com user thelooneyturtle *MUSIC (All Found on Audio Micro)* s www audiomicro com eerie-investigative-detective-baby-ghost-full-mix-royalty-free-stock-music-1236119 Baby Ghost Sad Song Mystic Exotic *MUSIC (Found in YouTube s Creator Studio) * White Hats Thinking Back Voyeur Release Me Lithium Ice Demon Dark Transition Arura Currents House of


Download Evolution of Princess Daisy Costumes (1989 2018) music mp3

Evolution of all Princess Daisy Costumes and Appearances in Super Mario Games starting in 1989 with Super Mario Land until 2018 with Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch What is your favorite outfit? 【All Super Mario Games in this video 】 1 Super Mario Land (1989) 2 Mario Tennis (2000) 3 Mario Party 3 (2000) 4 Super Smash Bros Melee (2001) 5 Mario Party 4 (2002) 6 Mario Party-e (2003) 7 Mario Golf Toadstool Tour (2003) 8 Mario Kart Double Dash!! (2003) 9 Mario Party 5 (2003) 10 Mario Power Tenns (2004) 11 Mario Party 6 (2004) 12 Mario Superstar Baseball (2005) 13 Mario Party 7 (2005) 14 Mario Kart DS (2005) 15 Mario Strikers Smash Football (2005) 16 Mario Strikers Charged Football (2007) 17 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007) 18 Mario Kart Wii (2008) 19 Mario Sports Mix (2010) 20 Mario Kart 7 (2011) 21 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (2011) 22 Mario Party 9 (2012) 23 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (2013) 24 Mario Golf World Tour (2014) 25 Mario Kart 8 (2014) 26 Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (2015) 27 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (2016) 28 Mario Run (2016) 29 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017) 30 Mario Party The Top 100 (2017) 31 Mario Tennis Aces (2018) 32 Super Smash Bros Ultimate (2018) ◆ Playlist (Evolution Of) s goo gl 2rnhNc ◆ Thanks for watching! If you like my content, please subscribe and stay tuned for more awesome content in the future s goo gl 4rf37H ◆ ◆ Special thanks to hsfrx for creating the Daisy Mod s goo gl uh3h6y ※Credits Special thanks to World of Longplays ( www longplays org) and RickyC for providing the gameplay footag

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